About Us
We started with two core beliefs
Pictures are a vibrant and important way to stay in touch with friends and family.
We all have a set of very important people - grandparents, aunties, best friends, siblings - who want more than a one-time glance at the pictures of our lives. They want to enjoy them again and again.
Photo Mambo is all about making that possible and easy. It makes sharing photos fast enough that you can share more often. The people receiving your photos will be delighted because the pictures will just arrive in the Photo Mambo Frame without them lifting a finger. And, your pictures will stick around to be enjoyed for weeks and months to come.
Who are we?
Deb Whitman, CEO
Deb is a consumer software veteran who has led new product initiatives at Intuit, Microsoft and Adobe. She's led product management, business, and marketing teams to grow the business for product lines you probably know - Quicken, Photoshop, and Windows - as well as those less well-known including LinkExchange, Premiere Elements, and UltimateTV. She is an enthusiastic amateur photographer (major emphasis on amateur) whose photographic focus has migrated, over time, from exotic travel destinations to her daughter.
Steve Ogden, CTO
Steve has a broad technology background with a strong foundation in consumer applications. He managed development at Imbee.com, a start-up creating a safe, parent-visible, social networking service for tweens. He also developed consumer online banking applications. Steve is an avid amateur photographer and lover of bad puns.

Get in touch.
You can reach us at:

Photo Mambo is located in Palo Alto, California.