How does it work?
Step 1
Share pictures via Photo Mambo.
You share pictures with Photo Mambo, from your phone or computer, in a simple 3-step process:

1. Pick the pictures you want to share
2. Select a frame to send them in
3. Tell us who to send them to

And... you're done!
Step 2
Family and friends receive a
Photo Mambo Frame filled with
your pictures.
Your family and close friends receive an email inviting them to download the Photo Mambo Frame (a small app) so they can enjoy your pictures again and again.
  • They download the frame to their computer and/or iPhone/iPad
  • They enjoy your photos right then
  • They enjoy your photos for weeks and months to come as the Photo Mambo Frame displays your pictures whenever their computer is on, or their iPad/iPhone app is open.
Step 3
They enjoy your photos day
after day.
Photo Mambo makes it easy for family and close friends to enjoy your pictures day after day. The Photo Mambo Frame remains on their computer, transforming it into a beautiful digital picture frame. The frame displays your photos whenever the computer is on. When the computer is resting, your photos fill the screen with smiles as the Frame becomes a screensaver.

An iPad also becomes a lovely picture frame with Photo Mambo, and the iPhone becomes a photo album.
Step 4
When you next send photos,
they simply appear in the Frame.
On any device, the Photo Mambo Frame accumulates pictures, adding those you send today to the photos you shared last week, and last year.
Step 5
Invite others to send pictures to anyone’s Photo Mambo Frame
Invite other relatives or friends to send pictures to your Photo Mambo Frame. Or to a loved one’s Frame.

The Frame accumulates and displays pictures from many people. So, grandparents can enjoy pictures of all the grandkids in rotation, and best friends can enjoy pictures from the whole group. 

And don't worry. We never let anyone add pictures to your Frame without asking your permission.
Photo Mambo
Frame life's highlights.

Try Photo Mambo today! It’s free.