The Photo Mambo Frame
Transform any computer or iPad into a digital picture frame.
You send a Photo Mambo Frame, filled with photos, to friends and family. They install the frame on their computer, iPad, or iPhone to enjoy your pictures day after day. Whenever their computer is on, your pictures are on display. And when the computer is idle, the frame expands to show off the photos as a screensaver. With one click on the iPad or iPhone, they are watching an beautiful slideshow of your pictures – one that automatically updates each time you send new photos.
Update the frame with new pictures from any location.
You can send new pictures to update their frame whenever you want. The pictures are added to their frame, displaying along with those you sent earlier.
Who will appreciate the Photo Mambo Frame?
Photo mambo is ideal for sharing family pictures with your parents and in-laws. Having pictures of the grandkids “front and center” every day is a delight. And they’ll appreciate the effortless way photos just appear in the frame; no tedious downloading or searching for the pictures.
Your Spouse, at Work
Keep mom and dad's work computers current with the latest family photos.
Your best friends
Share pictures of your last get-together or your most adorable kid pix. Whatever pictures you know they'll want to keep are best sent via Photo Mambo.
YOU & Your Family
Photo Mambo turns your own computer into a digital picture frame, as well. Don't let your digital pictures just disappear into their storage folders, keep them front and center for the whole family to enjoy, and invite your siblings and friends to fill your frame with their best shots. Kids love to have the pictures of their latest adventures on display, day after day.