What is Photo Mambo?
A better way to share pictures with your family and close friends.
Photo Mambo is an on-screen digital picture frame you send to loved ones. The frame installs on their computer screen, iPhone, or iPad and displays your photos in a slideshow. So, they enjoy your photos again and again. 

Send new snapshots any time, and they're automatically added to their Photo Mambo Frame. No effort for your loved ones; they just enjoy the pictures.
Family and friends enjoy your pictures again and again.
When you share pictures with Photo Mambo, your family and friends enjoy your pictures day after day. Most of us share pictures on the web or via email. That works well enough for friends who want to glance at your photos once or twice. 

But, the people you're closest to -- parents, grandparents, siblings, aunties, best friends – they would love to enjoy your pictures again and again. Photo Mambo keeps your photographs front and center for their continued enjoyment.
Transform any computer or iPad into a digital picture frame that updates automatically.
Photo Mambo lets you transform anyone's computer or iPad into a beautiful digital picture frame filled with photos you share. New pictures are automatically added, accumulating over time. So, family and friends enjoy the pictures you share today, along with those you shared last year. 

The frame displays your pictures on-screen whenever the computer is on, and as a screensaver when the computer is idle. And the iPad slideshows starts with just one click, making it simple to turn your iPad into a wonderful digital frame.
iPhones become a brag book that refreshes whenever new pictures are sent.
On the iPhone or iPad, the Photo Mambo slideshow starts with one click, making your phone a picture album that’s always current with the latest photos received from family and close friends. No more hunting around to find the most recent pix of the family attached to an email or text message or posted on someone else’s social media account…all the photos are right in your phone’s Photo Mambo album for fast display.
Share high resolution copies of your pictures.
The Photo Mambo Frame automatically saves high quality digital copies of your photos to your family and close friends' computers and devices. 

So you avoid the calls that can follow sharing pictures on the web. You know - the one where mom says, "I loved that picture of Josh's soccer kick. Can you send me a good copy I can keep?" Photo Mambo automatically gives her a copy to keep.
Share with each person in a way that's right for them.
Photo Mambo makes it fast to share pictures from your phone, tablet, or computer. And each person receives your pictures in the way that's just right for them. Your nearest and dearest receive permanent copies in their Photo Mambo Frame. Other friends can view your pictures on the web, without getting permanent copies. And with sharing to Facebook, Photo Mambo lets you share photos with all your friends. So, each person gets the photos in the way that's right for them.
Photo Mambo
Frame life's highlights.

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